Promo video for IDignity

I get asked a lot to produce promo videos for small businesses and non-profits located here in the Orlando area. Through my work with other non-profits, the people at IDignity came to know about the storytelling abilities of Red Eye Film Company. As IDignity has grown, so has it’s need for better storytelling. They asked me if I could help them come up with a really great, professional video to help promote the work that they do. This is what we ended up with.

There were several challenges we faced when making this video. First, we had to find a suitable personal story to tell. Many of the clients that go through the IDignity program are Continue reading Promo video for IDignity

The Richest Gold Mine in America

The National was the richest gold mine in American history. Originally discovered in 1907, output reached its peak in 1912, producing more than $250,000,000 of gold in less than 30 months. But without warning, the dense vein of gold disappeared. And for the past 100 years the mine has gone virtually untouched.

Buried in the dust of history, the story of The National is making new rumblings. New owners are set to explore the mountain using new technology.

Red Eye Film Company has laid the groundwork for a new documentary called The Mother Lode. We are currently in development and are seeking financial partners and broadcast partners.

Hands-on review: Sony FS5 on location in India

Being a one-man crew is difficult. Being a one-man crew in the cacophony and madness of India is even more so. Recently I was asked to travel to India and capture stories and b-roll for Bajalia ( that would be aired as part of their primetime broadcast on The Home Shopping Network ( for International Women’s Day. For this assignment I called on the Sony FS5.

If you’ve ever traveled to rural parts of India, you’ll know that inside village homes, lighting can be a real challenge. I thought about using the Sony A7s due to its excellent low light capabilities. But because of it’s form factor, lack of built in ND filters and it’s DSLR-style audio recording/monitoring, I decided an actual video camera would be much better. Continue reading Hands-on review: Sony FS5 on location in India

Old printer gets a new 30 second commercial

Lawton Connect is one of the oldest, consecutively family owned printing companies in America. And they are right on our backyard in Orlando, Florida. As part of their re-branding efforts, we were asked to shoot some footage for their slick, new website. As part of that effort, we put together this 30 second commercial.

Whether your commercial airs on TV or lives in social media, Red Eye Film Company is able to help you communicate your brand’s unique story through video.

Documentary about Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Two years ago I started working on a documentary about the history of the most mysterious and controversial military base in US history. I took a camera and my director of photography to the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and what we found out would surprise you! The name of the film is Memories of Guantanamo.

Though most people think of Guantanamo as a prison site, it’s actually a small little town, just like many small towns in America. It turns out that Guantanamo Bay is one of the safest places in America to raise a family. It’s got a McDonalds and Continue reading Documentary about Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

You’ll fall in love with these Guatemalan children

There is a malnutrition center in the mountains of Guatemala with the most adorable children you’ll ever meet. Over 80 children ages from 8 months to 8 years are being restored to perfect health through the efforts of the few staff. Many of the children come to the home so malnourished that they are days away from dying. They come to the home to be fed, held and loved.

It didn’t take me even a couple of hours to make best friends with these kids. Though I wasn’t allowed to have a “favorite”, you might be able to guess otherwise.

For this video we used over 600 still images and shots from our GoPro. We also used the song “Alive” from Empire of the Sun without permission.

Shooting a Commercial… with kids

W.C. Fields once said, “Never work with kids or animals.” This must have been an extraordinary bunch of kids because this was a fantastic video shoot. Once again the makers of the conversation game Face to Face asked us to help them make a promo video. So we came up with this fun commercial geared towards adults who work with teenagers.

The challenge for us was that we were given half the budget of the previous commercial. So we found Continue reading Shooting a Commercial… with kids

Face to Face 60 second web commercial

Though we specialize in making videos that tell the story of a brand, that doesn’t mean that story isn’t best told through a traditional commercial. Commercials are effective because they can quickly make an emotional connection with the viewer while highlighting some important feature of the brand AND encouraging the viewer to experience it for themselves (this is called a Call To Action.)

The challenge brought to Red Eye Film Company was to, Continue reading Face to Face 60 second web commercial

American Airlines InFlight commercial

Video production companies rarely make commercials for themselves. But when we received the opportunity to run a 30 second commercial on all American Airlines domestic flights during the month of June, we just had to take advantage of it.

So in the storytelling style that defines our work, we told our own story.

From India to Indiana, and London to LA, we’ve traveled the globe, capturing Continue reading American Airlines InFlight commercial

FL Hospital Video Remote Interpreting

The Interpreter Services department of Florida Hospital asked us to create a promotional and instructional video for their new Video Remote Interpreting service. The video would be played internally to the hospital staff of 15,000.

Software rollouts are often pretty boring, so we decided that humor would be a good way to grab people’s attention. However, the challenge was NOT to make fun of people who speak American Sign Language, nor make light of what can be a life and death situation.

We landed on this concept of a patient who was having a difficult time communicating with a nurse. Frustrated, the nurse turns to Video Remote Interpreting. Sandwiched in the middle of the video, is a very short instructional on how to use the software.

Made in America

The Williams Company, based in Orlando, Florida, specializes in the construction of medium size commercial, retail and government buildings. Last year the completed a unique project for Goodwill Industries of Central Florida: the construction of a building that was 98% made in America.

They asked us to create a short video that can be used to showcase the project. They wanted to inspire other builders and other developers to try similar projects.

Since the budget was pretty low, we decided to use still photos and put them in motion. We liked the idea of still photos because in many ways, still photos capture our attention more than video. There is an almost magical quality to a single moment captured in time.

Modern Widows Club, A Place Where…

Recently launched on-line magazine Modern Widows Club, asked us to put together a short video that they can include on the front page of their website. Working with a very limited budget, we were able to capture the heart of the widows who call Modern Widows Club their home.

The concept was simple: have actual widows tell us in one sentence what MWC means to them. We ask them to finish this sentence: “Modern Widows Club is a place where …”

The result is a very real, authentic portrayal of Modern Widows Club, from the very people who are a part of it.

Telly Award Winner – The Lawton Printer Story

A 2013 Telly Award winner.

Lawton Printers ( is a 5th generation family owned small business in Central Florida. The challenge for this video was to tell a compelling story that would mean something to prospective and current customers, but also capture the story of the legacy of their unique history.

We decided to start the story with how Lawton Printers came into being. Then we skipped much of the middle, and ended with the current challenges/opportunities of the current generation owner. We decided to use a narrator to give the story some glue. The narrator also, gives us the feeling that someone is telling us a story of an old fashioned bedtime story. (We were actually going for a Dukes of Hazard feel.)

After watching this short film, we hope that you have an understanding that this BRAND stands for family values, community service, and customer relationship.

Telly Award Winner – Manuel: The Boy Born with a Beak

2013 Telly Award winner.

SHARES International, a division of Florida Hospital, commissioned this award winning film. They asked us to make a promotional video they can use to help raise awareness and fundraise. Their idea was to have a video of similar quality to that of a similar organization, The Smile Train. Their video, Smile Pinky, won an Oscar!

Those are pretty big shoes to fill.

So we went to Mexico to tag along with a team of medical professionals who performed the surgeries. However, we decided not to focus on the volunteers nor SHARES, the organization. Instead the real story was about the child patients. The real story was how the mission would impact children. And so we met little Manuel, the boy who desperately needed a clef palate surgery.

Perhaps we didn’t win an Oscar, but what we came up with did win a prestigious award: a 2013 Telly Award.

Mahima: Day in the Life

The Mahima Home is a non-profit group home in Kolkata, India, whose primary purpose is to serve as a shelter home for girls who have been rescued from sex slavery. Though the story of their slavery is tragic and the story of their rescue is triumphant, we decided to focus on something else: the normalcy of the girls.

It’d be easy to draw out the story of their slavery or rescue. Instead, we decided to show how normal their lives are now that they are in the Mahima Home. By so doing, we’re painting the picture of hope and restoration that the home brings. By so doing, we’re painting the picture of these girls as champions, not merely victims or survivors.

For this short film, we get a glimpse into the average day of these girls: eating, getting ready for school, school, dance, play, and socializing. In it’s very simplistic, almost routine way, it’s a beautiful story.