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Grand Prize Winner – American Airlines Commercial

American Airlines hosted a video contest. The rules? Make a 30-60 “commercial” explaining how one flight changed the course of your business.

We latched onto the idea of using still photos, made to look like an old fashioned slide projector. Some of you might be old enough to remember sitting through those 🙂

Through several rounds of selection and voting, our video made it as one of three finalists. At a special event in Washington D.C., we were selected as the grand prize finalist.

FL Hospital Video Remote Interpreting

The Interpreter Services department of Florida Hospital asked us to create a promotional and instructional video for their new Video Remote Interpreting service. The video would be played internally to the hospital staff of 15,000.

Software rollouts are often pretty boring, so we decided that humor would be a good way to grab people’s attention. However, the challenge was NOT to make fun of people who speak American Sign Language, nor make light of what can be a life and death situation.

We landed on this concept of a patient who was having a difficult time communicating with a nurse. Frustrated, the nurse turns to Video Remote Interpreting. Sandwiched in the middle of the video, is a very short instructional on how to use the software.