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Hands-on review: Sony FS5 on location in India

Being a one-man crew is difficult. Being a one-man crew in the cacophony and madness of India is even more so. Recently I was asked to travel to India and capture stories and b-roll for Bajalia ( that would be aired as part of their primetime broadcast on The Home Shopping Network ( for International Women’s Day. For this assignment I called on the Sony FS5.

If you’ve ever traveled to rural parts of India, you’ll know that inside village homes, lighting can be a real challenge. I thought about using the Sony A7s due to its excellent low light capabilities. But because of it’s form factor, lack of built in ND filters and it’s DSLR-style audio recording/monitoring, I decided an actual video camera would be much better. Continue reading Hands-on review: Sony FS5 on location in India