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Mahima: Day in the Life

The Mahima Home is a non-profit group home in Kolkata, India, whose primary purpose is to serve as a shelter home for girls who have been rescued from sex slavery. Though the story of their slavery is tragic and the story of their rescue is triumphant, we decided to focus on something else: the normalcy of the girls.

It’d be easy to draw out the story of their slavery or rescue. Instead, we decided to show how normal their lives are now that they are in the Mahima Home. By so doing, we’re painting the picture of hope and restoration that the home brings. By so doing, we’re painting the picture of these girls as champions, not merely victims or survivors.

For this short film, we get a glimpse into the average day of these girls: eating, getting ready for school, school, dance, play, and socializing. In it’s very simplistic, almost routine way, it’s a beautiful story.