The public bathroom is the wrong place to start conversations

Face to Face 60 second web commercial

Though we specialize in making videos that tell the story of a brand, that doesn’t mean that story isn’t best told through a traditional commercial. Commercials are effective because they can quickly make an emotional connection with the viewer while highlighting some important feature of the brand AND encouraging the viewer to experience it for themselves (this is called a Call To Action.)

The challenge brought to Red Eye Film Company was to, on an emotional level, provide a reason to buy the game. So we decided to poke fun at the NEED that this game meets.

In this commercial, Jenny is an over-enthusiastic woman who loves to engage in real and deep conversations with the people in her life. But starting those conversations can sometimes be difficult. It’s hard to know when and with whom you should be having those conversations. But with the game Face to Face, building emotional relationships in appropriate ways is easy and fun.

The production team that Red Eye Film Company put together shot this commercial in Orlando, Florida in only one day, meeting our client’s budget and schedule considerations. They say that repeat business is a sign of a job well done. We are thrilled that our client has asked us to produce two more commercials.