Idignity promo video in Orlando

Promo video for IDignity

I get asked a lot to produce promo videos for small businesses and non-profits located here in the Orlando area. Through my work with other non-profits, the people at IDignity came to know about the storytelling abilities of Red Eye Film Company. As IDignity has grown, so has it’s need for better storytelling. They asked me if I could help them come up with a really great, professional video to help promote the work that they do. This is what we ended up with.

There were several challenges we faced when making this video. First, we had to find a suitable personal story to tell. Many of the clients that go through the IDignity program are never heard from after an event. Because IDignity is so good at what they do, most of their clients are able to get their IDs on the same day of an event, and IDignity doesn’t need to follow up with anyone (or keep contact information). Ultimately, IDignity was able to identify the right person and coordinate schedules for a video shoot.

Another big challenge was that IDignity had so many objectives with this one 5-minute video. Like many small businesses and non-profits, their budget isn’t huge and this may be the only video they put together in a year. So they had a feeling that this one video must do it all: tell a compelling, emotional story of a client of IDignity, explain the problem that IDignity solves, and explain how IDignity solves that problem.

We decided to use the personal story of their client, Trina, as an emotional connection to the problem and the backbone of the video. She explained how her specific circumstances led to her problem and how desperate she had become for a solution. Then, we used expert testimony to portray that this is indeed a common problem and not just specific to Trina.

In the second half of the video, Trina talks about how IDignity was able to solve her problem and the experts talk about how that problem is solved by IDignity. The video ends with a cute tag line by Trina, that embodies the success mission of IDignity.