Custom Home Builder gets promo video

I was asked by a custom home builder in the Orlando, Florida area to produce a promo video, showcasing the work they did on a multimillion dollar home in West Orlando. Though their budget was tight, we were able to deliver a very high quality film, complete with graphics and a voice over.

Typically it is best to start with a script and then shoot the visuals according to the script (the way just about every movie is ever made). However, we got the green light from the builder less than one week before the shoot date. Because the home was owner-occupied, the builder was unable to arrange for weekend where we could come into their home and shoot. As a result, we shot first, trying to get as many features as possible on camera, then we wrote the script after the shoot. Working with a small builder means they don’t have a marketing department. So we spear-headed the script writing process.

In the end, we believe this client received a high quality video that showcases the quality of craftsmanship of the builder.

Red Eye Film Company is a full service video production company in Orlando, Florida who specializes in promo videos, marketing videos and documentaries whose clients included for profit and nonprofit companies alike. Red Eye Film Company has received numerous awards for their work.