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Promo video for IDignity

I get asked a lot to produce promo videos for small businesses and non-profits located here in the Orlando area. Through my work with other non-profits, the people at IDignity came to know about the storytelling abilities of Red Eye Film Company. As IDignity has grown, so has it’s need for better storytelling. They asked me if I could help them come up with a really great, professional video to help promote the work that they do. This is what we ended up with.

There were several challenges we faced when making this video. First, we had to find a suitable personal story to tell. Many of the clients that go through the IDignity program are Continue reading Promo video for IDignity

The Richest Gold Mine in America

The National was the richest gold mine in American history. Originally discovered in 1907, output reached its peak in 1912, producing more than $250,000,000 of gold in less than 30 months. But without warning, the dense vein of gold disappeared. And for the past 100 years the mine has gone virtually untouched.

Buried in the dust of history, the story of The National is making new rumblings. New owners are set to explore the mountain using new technology.

Red Eye Film Company has laid the groundwork for a new documentary called The Mother Lode. We are currently in development and are seeking financial partners and broadcast partners.