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Modern Widows Club, A Place Where…

Recently launched on-line magazine Modern Widows Club, asked us to put together a short video that they can include on the front page of their website. Working with a very limited budget, we were able to capture the heart of the widows who call Modern Widows Club their home.

The concept was simple: have actual widows tell us in one sentence what MWC means to them. We ask them to finish this sentence: “Modern Widows Club is a place where …”

The result is a very real, authentic portrayal of Modern Widows Club, from the very people who are a part of it.

Telly Award Winner – The Lawton Printer Story

A 2013 Telly Award winner.

Lawton Printers (www.lawtonprinters.com) is a 5th generation family owned small business in Central Florida. The challenge for this video was to tell a compelling story that would mean something to prospective and current customers, but also capture the story of the legacy of their unique history.

We decided to start the story with how Lawton Printers came into being. Then we skipped much of the middle, and ended with the current challenges/opportunities of the current generation owner. We decided to use a narrator to give the story some glue. The narrator also, gives us the feeling that someone is telling us a story of an old fashioned bedtime story. (We were actually going for a Dukes of Hazard feel.)

After watching this short film, we hope that you have an understanding that this BRAND stands for family values, community service, and customer relationship.

Andi Mans Photography Demo

Local photographer and designer Andi Mans asked us to create a promo video she can put on the front page of her website. Andi feels that brides hire her not only based on the quality of her photos, but also because of her personality. So she really wanted her personality to come through in the video.

The concept started with an idea from Andi, and we ran with it: Who is Andi Mans? We suggested to make it short since more often than not, shorter is better.

Andi tells us that she frequently received compliments on her video.