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Shooting a Commercial… with kids

W.C. Fields once said, “Never work with kids or animals.” This must have been an extraordinary bunch of kids because this was a fantastic video shoot. Once again the makers of the conversation game Face to Face asked us to help them make a promo video. So we came up with this fun commercial geared towards adults who work with teenagers.

The challenge for us was that we were given half the budget of the previous commercial. So we found Continue reading Shooting a Commercial… with kids

Face to Face 60 second web commercial

Though we specialize in making videos that tell the story of a brand, that doesn’t mean that story isn’t best told through a traditional commercial. Commercials are effective because they can quickly make an emotional connection with the viewer while highlighting some important feature of the brand AND encouraging the viewer to experience it for themselves (this is called a Call To Action.)

The challenge brought to Red Eye Film Company was to, Continue reading Face to Face 60 second web commercial

American Airlines InFlight commercial

Video production companies rarely make commercials for themselves. But when we received the opportunity to run a 30 second commercial on all American Airlines domestic flights during the month of June, we just had to take advantage of it.

So in the storytelling style that defines our work, we told our own story.

From India to Indiana, and London to LA, we’ve traveled the globe, capturing Continue reading American Airlines InFlight commercial

Grand Prize Winner – American Airlines Commercial

American Airlines hosted a video contest. The rules? Make a 30-60 “commercial” explaining how one flight changed the course of your business.

We latched onto the idea of using still photos, made to look like an old fashioned slide projector. Some of you might be old enough to remember sitting through those 🙂

Through several rounds of selection and voting, our video made it as one of three finalists. At a special event in Washington D.C., we were selected as the grand prize finalist.