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Shooting a Commercial… with kids

W.C. Fields once said, “Never work with kids or animals.” This must have been an extraordinary bunch of kids because this was a fantastic video shoot. Once again the makers of the conversation game Face to Face asked us to help them make a promo video. So we came up with this fun commercial geared towards adults who work with teenagers.

The challenge for us was that we were given half the budget of the previous commercial. So we found Continue reading Shooting a Commercial… with kids

Face to Face 60 second web commercial

Though we specialize in making videos that tell the story of a brand, that doesn’t mean that story isn’t best told through a traditional commercial. Commercials are effective because they can quickly make an emotional connection with the viewer while highlighting some important feature of the brand AND encouraging the viewer to experience it for themselves (this is called a Call To Action.)

The challenge brought to Red Eye Film Company was to, Continue reading Face to Face 60 second web commercial

How does Red Eye Film Company help businesses do better business?

To say we make videos is an understatement. We bring brands to life through the power of story. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur, non-profit or large enterprise, you have a story. We can help you tell your story?

Led by award winning director Trevor F. Ward, Red Eye Film Company is an Orlando based video production company that helps brands spread their message. Whether you are in Orlando or Dallas, Indiana or India, we want to help you tell your story. We feel like we’re pretty good at story telling. Though we’ve won a few awards, that’s not our goal. Our goal is helping our customers communicate who they are.

Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help you. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business.

Grand Prize Winner – American Airlines Commercial

American Airlines hosted a video contest. The rules? Make a 30-60 “commercial” explaining how one flight changed the course of your business.

We latched onto the idea of using still photos, made to look like an old fashioned slide projector. Some of you might be old enough to remember sitting through those 🙂

Through several rounds of selection and voting, our video made it as one of three finalists. At a special event in Washington D.C., we were selected as the grand prize finalist.

FL Hospital Video Remote Interpreting

The Interpreter Services department of Florida Hospital asked us to create a promotional and instructional video for their new Video Remote Interpreting service. The video would be played internally to the hospital staff of 15,000.

Software rollouts are often pretty boring, so we decided that humor would be a good way to grab people’s attention. However, the challenge was NOT to make fun of people who speak American Sign Language, nor make light of what can be a life and death situation.

We landed on this concept of a patient who was having a difficult time communicating with a nurse. Frustrated, the nurse turns to Video Remote Interpreting. Sandwiched in the middle of the video, is a very short instructional on how to use the software.

Made in America

The Williams Company, based in Orlando, Florida, specializes in the construction of medium size commercial, retail and government buildings. Last year the completed a unique project for Goodwill Industries of Central Florida: the construction of a building that was 98% made in America.

They asked us to create a short video that can be used to showcase the project. They wanted to inspire other builders and other developers to try similar projects.

Since the budget was pretty low, we decided to use still photos and put them in motion. We liked the idea of still photos because in many ways, still photos capture our attention more than video. There is an almost magical quality to a single moment captured in time.

Modern Widows Club, A Place Where…

Recently launched on-line magazine Modern Widows Club, asked us to put together a short video that they can include on the front page of their website. Working with a very limited budget, we were able to capture the heart of the widows who call Modern Widows Club their home.

The concept was simple: have actual widows tell us in one sentence what MWC means to them. We ask them to finish this sentence: “Modern Widows Club is a place where …”

The result is a very real, authentic portrayal of Modern Widows Club, from the very people who are a part of it.

Telly Award Winner – The Lawton Printer Story

A 2013 Telly Award winner.

Lawton Printers (www.lawtonprinters.com) is a 5th generation family owned small business in Central Florida. The challenge for this video was to tell a compelling story that would mean something to prospective and current customers, but also capture the story of the legacy of their unique history.

We decided to start the story with how Lawton Printers came into being. Then we skipped much of the middle, and ended with the current challenges/opportunities of the current generation owner. We decided to use a narrator to give the story some glue. The narrator also, gives us the feeling that someone is telling us a story of an old fashioned bedtime story. (We were actually going for a Dukes of Hazard feel.)

After watching this short film, we hope that you have an understanding that this BRAND stands for family values, community service, and customer relationship.

Andi Mans Photography Demo

Local photographer and designer Andi Mans asked us to create a promo video she can put on the front page of her website. Andi feels that brides hire her not only based on the quality of her photos, but also because of her personality. So she really wanted her personality to come through in the video.

The concept started with an idea from Andi, and we ran with it: Who is Andi Mans? We suggested to make it short since more often than not, shorter is better.

Andi tells us that she frequently received compliments on her video.

LoveGrows Launch Promo

Discovery Church asked us to create a promo video for an upcoming large community service event. The goal was to identify the need, provide an opportunity to fill the need, and provide instructions on how to get involved. We decided to use motion graphics to tell a story.

The result was several thousand volunteers signing up to make a difference.